1st registration to a doctoral training or PhD programme

EU applicants

In order to help you register to a doctoral training or PhD programme for the first time, please read the following practical information.

Steps to registration

1. Online form

  • - Fill out the online form.
  • - Print it, write 'read and approved' and the current date, followed by your signature
  • - Then, have the form signed by your supervisor for approval.

2. Application

Do not use staples or paperclips for your application. Please include the following documents, as loose pages.

- Application form, fully completed and signed by all parties
- Colour passport photograph (on the first page of the application form)
- Copy of your ID card (both sides) or passport (photo page)
- Cover letter
- Full resume
- Recommendation letter(s) (if any)
- Copy of all academic or other higher education degrees earned (except for Master programmes at ULB)

Please note : for all degrees earned over 2 years ago, the actual diploma must be provided. If the diploma cannot be provided, a certificate of non delivery dated in the current year will be required.
• If you have earned a degree less than 2 years ago and have not yet received the corresponding diploma at the time of sending in your application, please provide a certificate of completion for the relevant programme (transcripts will not be accepted).
If you have earned a Master's degree at ULB your are not required to provide copies of your diploma(s) and transcripts.

- Copies of all transcripts from academic or other higher education programmes (except for MAster programmes at ULB)
- Proof of your activities over the last 5 years

• Any document proving your academic and/or professional activities during the period required, e.g. certificate of registration, certificate of employment, etc.
Sworn statement are only accepted for activities for which no certificate exists : as a result, a sworn statement cannot be userd to justify studies, work, or other sources of income.

- Research project that includes a provisional title, a short presentation of the project pointing to its originality in relation to the current state of the art, and a provisional work plan.

After examining your application, we reserve the right to request additional documents or information

Important note regarding your application :

Documents and ID are accepted in the following languages : French, German, Dutch, English, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. Documents written in other languages must be translated by a sworn translator. The translation must be provided along with the original document. Diplomas for which a French or English translation was provided and certified by the delivering institution ar not required to be translated.
The cover letter and resume must be written in French or English.

Original and copies : We are aware of the risks involved in sending original documents with an application; as a result, we accept copies of the required documents. However, in case of serious and reasonably justified doubts, ULB reserves the right to request original documents in order to verify the accuracy of the information presented on the copy. ULB may also verify information by contacting the institution that delivered the document in question. Any fraud or attempted fraud will result in the student being barred from all study programmes in the French Community of Belgium for 5 academic years.

3. Submitting your application

Temporary measure Covid 19 situation :
After filling your online application form, you have to send your file exceptionally during this period by e-mail.
Please send your complete file to the following address carine.faniel@ulb.be by following the instructions bellow.

  • - The different parts of your file groupe together in a single pdf or zip file
  • - Your identity document in jpeg or pdf format
  • - Your passport photo in jpeg format

You may submit your application in person, or send it by post to the relevant faculty’s main office (depending on the field of study of your research project) as early as possible; it must be received by October 31 at the latest. The faculty's mailing address is provided on the first page of the admission form.

4. Faculty review of your application

The faculty examines your application and informs the Registration Department of its decision by November 30. If your application is accepted by the faculty, it will be forwarded to the Registration Departement. If your application is rejected, you will be notified by e-mail.

5. Administrative and legal review of your application

The Registration Department will then examine your application and check its legal and administrative validity, then complete your pre-enrolment. You will then receive information by e-mail on how to complete your registration (including the bank account information for payement of the tuition fees). You will not be required to visit the Registration Department in person.

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